Atlassian acquires Trello

Atlassian has announced that it acquires Trello. TechCrunch reports:

Atlassian today announced that it has acquired project management service Trello for $425 million. The vast majority of the transaction is in cash ($360 million), with the remainder being paid out in restricted shares and options.

I think I've been using Trello in some shape or form since its inception in 2011. The product grew, but kept its original spirt and idea. And now it has grew to almost half a billion dollars.

Atlassian suggests it will continue development of Trello. The immediate plans are outlined in Atlassian's press-release:

In addition to launching a new version of its existing Trello integration for HipChat, Atlassian will be launching Trello integrations for its other leading collaboration products, including JIRA Software, Confluence and Bitbucket. The integrations will be available in the Atlassian Marketplace, which is one of the largest enterprise software marketplaces in the world along with Amazon's AWS Marketplace and's AppExchange.

Integrations are good and are a natural thing to happen after such acquisitions. Would be very interesting to see how Trello will change little details.