Some outsourcing locations are better then others

FlagsThe point is how you decide what is better for you. Good list of items to consider is given in a post on Jeitosa Group's blog:

  • Workforce Quality/Skill
  • Workforce Availability
  • Workforce Costs
  • Workforce Flexibility
  • Government Support
  • Tax Considerations
  • Communications Costs
  • Communications Infrastructure
  • Real Estate Costs
  • Statutory/Legal Requirements
  • External Infrastructure
  • Travel Accessibility
  • Political/Economic Stability
  • Multi-Language Abilities

As usual with list of comparison items like this you need to clearly understand relative importance of different items for your case. Sometimes workforce qualification and availability will be more important than cost. Sometimes travel accessibility will not be an issue. You want to know what matters to you and what does not.

When you will be looking for an offshore partner you should be aware that a company can address some general deficiencies found in peculiar to the country or region. For example, at SoftServe we have communications infrastructure much better than throughout the country which makes nearly any means of communication available to our clients and employees. Also we run a language school to make sure that "language barrier" is not an issue for our people.