Workshop: CTO for an hour

March 24, 2015 at 6pm

During 3 hours we will discuss technical aspects of implementation and development of several ideas for IT startups. We will start with overview of products and projects, job of the CTO in the startup company, which questions to ask and what answers to seek, when you start a project.

The main points for discussion of projects would be

  • At the beginning: deciding to start the project and first things to do
  • General architecture and technical risks
  • Building the technical team
  • Crises: what to expect and how to prepare

This workshop will be useful to software developers and other engineers, who think of starting their own project or joining a startup, and also to entrepreneurs, who want to better understand technical implications on the business and the mindset of their geek co-founder.


Introduction 30 min
Project #1: presentation and discussion 40 min
Project #2: presentation and discussion 40 min
Project #3: presentation and discussion 40 min
Q&A 30 min

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Send you ideas for projects to be discussed →

Projects for discussion

  1. Online backup
  2. Video streaming platform
  3. Slot still open. Make a suggestion!

Suggest a project

I will choose 3 projects for discussion on the workshop based on your suggestions. These can be your own projects, which you are already working on or only plan to build, or other well known or not so well know products.

For your own projects this can be seen as an expert and smart-crowd consulting.

For a wellknown project, we'll check if we are smarter than its founders and developers :)

In either case, we'll have some fun.