Microsoft Academic Days'07

This was the first time I attended Microsoft Academic Days and I delivered 2 presentations there. In the first I described some of the ideas behind the Microsoft Solutions Framework version 4. I focused more on "mental" aspects of MSF, technical aspects of process support by Team Foundation Server were covered by other speakers. The next day I gave a presentation about Microsoft Robotics Studio. Both presentations are in Russian. Introduction to Microsoft Robotics Studio Presentation (PPT)

MSF Revisited Presentation (PPT)

Microsoft Developers' Days'06 (Fall)

I delivered 2 presentations. One about AJAX in general and Microsoft's implementation of AJAX for ASP.NET in particular. In second presentation I've done brief overview of Windows Presentation Foundation technology. Both presentations are in Russian. ASP.NET AJAX Overview Presentation (PDF)

Windows Presentation Foundation Overview Presentation (PDF)

Microsoft Developers' Days'05 (Fall)

At this event I delivered 2 talks. First one was concerned with ASP.NET application security and was based on series of demos of vulnerabilities and possible solutions for this problems. Another presentation described ideas behind major architecture change in ASP.NET 2.0 - Provider Model. An examples of extensibility that was made possible by new model were also given. This presentation is in Russian. Provider Model Presentation (PDF)

Microsoft Developers' Days'05 (Spring)

As part of this event I delivered 2 presentations. One of them was devoted to developing mobile solutions using Microsoft mobile platforms: Windows XP Embeded, Windows Mobile and Tablet PC. Another presentation given overview of brand new Microsoft product for developers: Microsoft Visual Team System. The presentation describes the product itself as well as foundation behind innovations in this tool. Both presentations are in Russian. Mobile Development Presentation (PDF)

Team System Presentation (PDF)

MSF-based Process Patterns

This presentation was delivered on March 04, 2004, in the Moscow State University on the conference 'Microsoft Technologies in Computer Science and Software Engineering'. This was the first presentation of results of research aimed to "extract" process patterns from Microsoft Solutions Framework and describe them as separate entities. This allows to use them outside of MSF-based processes and facilitates process improvement by using MSF experience.

MSF-based Process Patterns (abstract, in Russian)

MSF-based Process Patterns (abstract, in Ukrainian)

MSF-based Process Patterns (PDF)