On the way to Windows 10. Day 6, the last day

This is day 6 of my way from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Well, technically that's more like the fourth day. Last two days were weekend days and I did not try to move the setup process forward. However, since I was waiting for the update to come through Windows Update, it is important that day 6 from the time I embarked on this update route and, actually, day 7 since the new version was released.

When I double-quadruple-checked the Windows Update in the morning, nothing changed: all up-to-date, no recommended updates selected. I decided to upgrade to Windows 10 without waiting in line. And so it begins:

Off to a start

After some downloading and waiting we are finally ready to install

Ready to install

Somehow the idea that you may not want to keep your files during the upgrade seems weird:

Do you want to keep your files?

Now the setup is on full autopilot:

Nothing you can do about it

After the first reboot the setup tool pressingly asks to "sit back and relax". The difference between following photos is about 40 minutes.

0% done 25% done

Now some 4.5 hours later we are on the last mile. Login and check settings.

Hi there!

On the settings screens be careful to make sure you checked all the settings. Sometimes they are hidden behind the scroll in completely obscure way.

Be careful and always double check

After all the configuration, less than 5 hours of install my way to Windows 10 has finally ended. I will never know how long it would take to get the upgrade through Windows Update, but at least I have the new system now.