On the way to Windows 10. Day 2

As you may already know Microsoft has released it's new and shiny Windows 10 yesterday. Although I've heard many good words from colleagues about the new version, I was reluctant to try pre-release builds myself mainly for the lack of time. And when the general release became available I knew the time has come for me to install it, try it and make my own opinion.

So I grabbed my old Windows 7 Dell laptop, which is now mainly used as a test machine in the rollApp office, and began the journey. This is the first post in the series and it has "Day 2" in the title. That is not a mistake. Indeed this post is about the second day of updating, because on the yeasterday I did not realize it would take days to update and did not bother to record what was going on.

Anyway, getting a Windows installation last updated roughly 1.5 years ago up-to-date so that Windows 10 could be installed seemed like no easy task. Windows wanted to download around 1.4Gb to install some 130 recommended updates. Some of that got done yesterday. But today we are for a fresh start:

Starting off with 112 updates to go

After quite a time of seemingly doing nothing Window Update got back to me with

Error "Error" happened

But after some black magic reboot, some waiting and taking some photos

Hands off! Applying update! 9261? Thats a lot!

Turned out all of that was not in vein. I was down to only 89 important updates selected

Only 89 updates to go!

I started the update, but after a while, when the progress indicator has not moved even to 1%, Windows started screaming showing notifications that it was running out of the disk space. I've managed to free some space and although there was out-of-space situation at least one more time, Windows Update did not warn me a single time that this is going to be a problem. Not until the update operation completes with failures:

Worked for over an hour. Something done, something is not. But that's OK, I guess...

Keep calm, reboot and carry on. Down to only 1 selected update!

Getting close!

Anticipating that more than that may be required I selected 3 more recommended updates related to system components. And started the update

Hold on! Downloading updates...

Overall in this entire process I've been so often stuck at the screen like this. 0% done for tens of minutes and no way of knowing if it is doing something useful, or trying to fix some problem, or simply stuck forever. Very uncomforting progress indicator. Especially if later on it is followed by

You, stupid! Didn't you know that I can not update system files while I'm running?!

Luckily, after the reboot I got the desired "Get Windows 10" icon in the system tray. Now I'm on to another wait

The hard part is now over. Right?

I started writing this post in the morning fearing that it will take several days to get to this point. But here I am in just one day, which is not bad given the hoops I had to jump through to get to a "reserved upgrade".

PS While waiting for the update to arrive, make sure you have at least 3Gb of available disk space for it to download in the background.