The Great Web Technology Showdown

Not long ago at Dnipro .Net User Group we've conducted first great showdown -- The Great Web Technology Showdown, where we gathered masters of 5 different web development platforms to show what it takes to build a sample app using their tools:

  • Time proven Java
  • Always young Python
  • Shiny .Net
  • Glamorous Ruby
  • Furious Node.js

The sample app was simple enough to be easily understood and actually build, but also featureful enough to showcase wide variety of tools in the arsenal of each platform. This time we set the goal of building a Blog Wall.

Blog Wall is a site, where anyone can register and post text messages (up to 1024 characters) and picture messages (image + description up to 256 characters). All posts are then shown on the main page along with author and date/time of the post.

And here is what we've got.

Python + Django

Slides on SlideShare

Ruby on Rails

Node.js + Meteor

Slides on SlideShare