When you struggle to find free time

There are times when you say to yourself: "I really want to apply myself to this new idea. But I have to turn it down for the lack of time." Sigh... And later you ask yourself "How could this happen that you do not have time for important tasks?" And that is a really good question.

Essentially you can divide the time you spend into two categories: value addition and waste. Value addition activities are everything that advances you towards accomplishment of your mission. Anything else is waste.

It is not that we deliberately choose to do something that we would not like to do. But rather circumstances make us agree to assignments and tasks. When we look back at these agreements we thinks that we should not have accepted those tasks. Sometimes goals that seemed important yesterday become not so important today and suck our capacity to undertake new endeavors.

So when you find yourself in a situation when you can not find time for a new and valuable accomplishment you want get rid of two types of "time eaters":

Start with small. Send your colleagues link to the podcast and the presentation on Monkey Management and begin getting your time back.