SEC(R) 2007: some post-event ideas

This year I haven't had a chance to visit Software Engineering Conference (Russia)although for some period of time I was thinking about writing a paper for this conference. I've attended the first such conference back in 2005 and each year it is very interesting for me to see what they have on agenda.

Looking at this year's conference agenda I'm a bit surprised to see 9 presentations out of 62 delivered by people from one company. It is nearly 15% of all presentations! Looks like organizers had to fill agenda somehow and called out for help. But if we look at 2006 statistics we see that acceptance rate was about 25% I just do not see why they could not select a few eligible papers from other submitters.

Anyway I haven't been to the conference to make far seeing conclusions but this really makes me think twice next year. We'll see.