To speak or not to speak

Somehow (and I would even say magically) when I open Seth's Godin blog the very first post appears to be very relevant what I'm thinking about at the moment. That day it was When you are ready to stand up to speak. And I was thinking about people who have active position and what it means to have an active position.

I came to conclusion that active position is about commitment to your goal and manifests itself by behavior biased towards the goal. This means that you do not wait for John or Peter to come and give you what you want instead you go and take it. And when you stand up to speak you do that because this will get you close to the goal and not because you just need to fill your time with something (or waste your time to be precise).

This really has much in common with the 4th Core Commitment:

Speak always and only when I believe it will improve the general results/effort ratio.

Speaking is not only about the speaker but also about the listeners. When you will be about to stand up and speak next time think if there is at least someone who is about to sit down and listen to you and how your speech will benefit them.