Everybody against India

It happened so that India was the first country to really realize benefits and impact of globalization of IT. They made their name and money on the wave of outsourcing. For many years now we say "outsourcing" and think "India". Often you can see this and that outsourcing locations compared with India, like this comparing Belarus with India. Everybody wants to be better than India. While many ideas presented mentioned make sense, some do not seem to be well elaborated.

Some items in comparison are not actually about advantages but about risk. And, you know, risks do not always materialize. For instance, time-zone difference allowing large working time overlap with US is an advantage of Belarus. But this does not necessarily mean than working with Belarus you will not have any communication problems or will have them less than with Indian vendor. Time-zone difference is not that important given that your outsourcing partner delivers value. And as I said before although some outsourcing locations are better than others the most important thing still is choice of partner and his ability to be a valuable contributor to your success.

Again, you outsource to certain company not to country. Make sure you partner can realize advantages of his geographical location and can properly manage risks associated with that.