Advanced Selling Podcast revisited

AttitudeGoing out for a walk with my 3-months old daughter I took my iPod loaded with older and recent episodes of Advanced Selling Podcast. And again I enjoyed all the episodes just I did last time when I had Advanced Selling Podcast "listening session". Continuing my walk I tried to understand what are Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale saying that touches me. And I understood that we are sharing the same belief that a person in order to be truly successful in whatever position she is in has to have constructive attitude. Here "attitude" means system of values which is not only declared but also followed and "constructive" means that it is geared towards making this world better at least for somebody.

Like writing is not about writer, but about reader; selling is not about seller - it is about buyer; engineering is not about engineer - it is about user. It is possible that such kind of attitude does not give immediate dividends, but it will pay off in the long run for sure. So I would suggest checking out Advanced Selling Podcast (you can subscribe with iTunes) not only to become better at sales, but also to find out how this new way of thinking can be of service for your work.