Press-releases are dead

Doing some experiments with Google Blog Search I suddenly realized that press-releases are dead. Dead in a sense that they can no longer serve as a means of attracting new customers. In modern world of blogs and social networks press-releases are just old-fashioned ridiculous way of informing about things happening that just does not work for technology people.

The interest to technology starts with two things: information about the mere fact of existence of technology or product and positive opinion about it. Press-releases can inform you, but they can not form opinions. At least it would be too thoughtless of you. Instead you would like to know what other people think about it. And blogs are just perfect for that. To me one human-made blog post about product means more than hundred of similar press-releases in news agencies feeds.

Now we've got past those times when vendors had to say that their product is great to sell it. Today they have to offer good products to sell them.

Do an experiment, check what people say about your company and its services with Google Blog Search. If they do not say much, probably, you want to change your PR approach.