Fasten seat belts!

Fasten seat belt!Recently when I got stuck in a traffic jam I noticed a man in a car nearby me. He had his window open so I could see everything inside his car.

You know, every car has seat belts to prevent drivers and passengers from hitting the steering wheel or other elements of the front panel in case of an emergency. Of course, you must fasten your seat belt when you are in car. To remind you that modern cars have a system to warn you when you did not fasten seat belt.

Unfortunately drivers' culture in Ukraine is still low and many see fastening seat belt as a sign of weakness and do not do that even in modern cars which produce that really painful sound to warn. But how can they drive with that sound in ears, you would ask. To get rid of the sound they put the belt through the back of the seat and fasten. This way the system thinks that the belt is ok while the driver is not fastened!

And so did the driver I saw. But he need to somehow ensure his safety, so he put some small icons which you often can see in cars in Ukraine on the front panel. How can it be that a man does nothing to ensure his own safety, but expect God to do everything for him?! I guess it is in post-soviet mentality of our nation. And over time we have to get out of belief that one does not really need to work hard to build his own success, but can expect havens to just give it to him. We must quit the habit of relying on somebody else instead of taking responsibility of our own lives.

So fasten seat belt and go ahead to your success!