Abandoned achievements

Abandoned buildingGoing to REMIX'07 in Budapest I've made a 800 km journey by train through almost all of the Ukraine. To my pity every here and there along the rail-road I saw abandoned industrial buildings which are slowly ruined by rains and winds as the time goes. Such a landscape makes you even more sad if you think that 10-15 years ago some people did build those buildings for purpose. And those buildings were real accomplishments on the way to their goals. But then something changed and suddenly nobody was interested in using and keeping then. Nobody had enough courage (or vision, probably) not to build and nobody had enough persistence (or vision, again) to make real use of the building.

Now all those buildings appear to be a waste. Waste of resources, money and human energy. I'm sure you've seen such monuments of waste everywhere: on the Web, as abandoned sites, in day-to-day life, as goods or tools or whatever that were bought but never used, on the streets, as flower-beds that are no longer taken care about.

You do not have that much time and energy to invest into waste. So carry projects you start through to make sure that your efforts will not be called waste some day and start only project you really want to carry through.