Moved to new blog engine

CartWell, I did not completely wasted last month blogging-wise. I was looking for hosted blogging solution to move to from dasBlog. It is not that dasBlog is bad, but it turned out that supporting dasBlog (well, my instance of it) consumes more time than I originally expected. I decided that I’d better spend time writing new post rather than tweaking blog engine.

At first I decided to use TypePad. During test drive for the first month everything was going more or less well. The only issue I encountered was somewhat limited capabilities to customize design of the blog with the Plus subscription level. The real problem emerged when they could not charge subscription fee from my credit card. Although their staff was responsive and did their best to resolve the problem we did not find acceptable way of making the payment. So I ended up looking for another alternative.

After comparing all the options I decided to go with Blogger blog hosted on external server.

My new blog is now accessible at For some time my both old and new blogs will be running in parallel. As for feeds: those of you who get my feed via FeedBurner do not have to worry about anything, those who are not – please, subscribe to this feed.