Long road to go

Long roadIf you are reading Joel’s blog you probably have read his post about New elevator technology. While this is an interesting idea from pure technology viewpoint, another idea came to my mind…

I believe that USA (together with Singapore, Hong Kong) is the place where such technology was likely to emerge more than in any other country. And almost certainly (alas) such technology could not be invented in Ukraine. Why? Because there is no demand such kind of elevators usage optimization, simply there is no places in Ukraine where it can be applied. Even if a man has a bright ideas he has to be in the right place at the right time for his ideas to blossom. Unfortunately, the factor of place still can limit the greatness of accomplishments one can do.

Mankind has to go a long road as yet to overcome limits imposed by all sorts of divide on the achievements of human race. I hope that in future we will more often learn about technology breakthroughs made in places we now know as “developing countries”.