Have courage to say "No"

Browsing Reforming Project Management feed I came across the post about the importance of saying “No” when feel you can not say “Yes”. Truth be told I fully agree with the idea that No is equally as good response to a request as Yes. But it requires some courage to say No when are asked to do something because, I believe, somehow we always think that the person who asks wants to hear yes. Especially, if you are kind of subordinated to her. Be it your boss or your customer.

One of the things I try to teach new PMs is to have courage to say “No” when they really want to do so and not to try to finding a way to say “Yes”. In communication with them I try to make them feel comfortable with saying “No”. When I ask something I try to show that what I really need is a decision and not necessarily positive.

So make sure you say “Yes” when you really mean it. And say “No” when you don’t.